It is also an Awareness campaign against HIV/AIDS. Under this project BMSS divide our target population into two parts. They are: (1) Youth Group (15 to 24 years); and (2) High Risk Behavoiur Group (Truukers, Migrant Labours and Commercial Sex workers etc).

Youth group comes under the boys and girls of age 15 to 24 years both in school, out of school and collages. The group which contain The people of risky behavior with their health such as truckers, commercial sex workers and migrant labours etc are comes under high risk behavior group. BMSS will provide special training on sexual transmitted diseases, sexual track infection and reproductive track infection to all the high Risk behavior groups and about HIV/AIDS its evolution and four reasons of spreading and about the present percentage of HIV positive peoples. Training of Life Skills are provided among the Youths belongs to school, out of school, collages and Aanganwadi Centers.

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