Surekha’s (changed name) Story

In Bhilai (Durg) the trafficking of adolescent girls are as its full flow. In this regard on 23rd December the trafficking of an adolescent girl took place. Two women pimps named Pinky and Sangeeta who are engaged as a sex worker resides in fish market, khursipar, Bhilai respectively did trafficking of one adolescent girl named Surekha. These two women’s have convinced the young girls and took her to Punjab where they sold her to other person for rupee twenty thousands. But in Punjab one of the police informer informed about this act to the police and police took these two women’s under a charge and were send to jail. On the next day the two women got free from jail.

Then after these two women’s again took Surekha with them at Rajnandgaon they made the girl marry to some other person and came back to Bhilai. But Surekha has still not came back and his parents are still continuing to search for her. They have also reported an FIR in the Bhilai police station, but the police have failed to find their daughter back and still the trafficking of adolescent girls are going on in Bhilai.

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