Sharda’s (Changed name) Story-Trafficking

Sharda a young girl of 17 years belonging from a rural village was living with a pimp named Tarabai at Dabrapara…..

Sharda – a seventeen (17) year old girl- basically coming from a nearby village- is at present living with a pimp named Tarabai at Dabrapara.  Sharda’s mother had married her, at a small age of fifteen, with an old man for financial considerations but Sharda never liked that man. She left his home and went to Bhilai along with Tarabai. Tarabai, prima facie, sells banana for her livelihood but her main earning is supplying women and girls for sex work. She has been doing this work for long time.


Tarabai got Sharda married to an already married person keeping Sharda ignorant about this fact. She was kept at some place by her husband –away from place where his earlier family lived. After a few months, Sharda, on coming to know of the fact, left his home and came back to Tarabai once again. The man to whom Sharda was married did not enquire about her- presumably, having satisfied his lust. Tarabai now makes her work as sex worker- taking her every day to some hotel/ lodge- returning home only in evening. This attracted notice of some local boys who got suspicious over Sharda’s activities and one day these boys caught hold of her and forcibly took her to a nearby Stadium and forced her for sexual favours. On hearing her loud yelling for help, she was rescued by local people from those boys. Sharda faces a lot of similar harassments and abuse today also. BMSS, the NGO actively working in Bhilai, has taken upon itself to save her from such problems and try to rehabilitate her with help and support from local Mahila Bal Vikas Officers and the city Collector.

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