Sharda’s (Changed name) Story

Sharda a young girl of 17 years belonging from a rural village was living with a pimp named Tarabai at Dabrapara…..

Sharda a seventeen (17) year old girl basically belongs to village was at present living with a pimp named Tarabai at Dabrapara. Sharda’s mother had married her at a very small age of fifteen years with at old man due to financial crises, but Sharda don’t like that man. She left his home and went to Bhilai along with Tarabai. Tarabai was a banana seller, but their main income is from supplying women’s and girls for sex work. She was doing this work from long times.

Tarabai married Sharda illegally with a married person but Sharda don’t know this. Person was living at Maroda for some good amounts of money Tarabai do all this. Sharada don’t know that person history, he put her in different place from their family. After few months Sharda knew the fact and she left his home and came back to Tarabai’s residence. Since the man was fully satisfied with Sharda, so he doesn’t enquire about her.

Tarabai involved her in sexual activities she takes Sharda every morning to some hotels and lodges and came back at 7:00 or 8:00 pm. during this period, some of the boys of that particular area watching Sharda’s activities and one day 4-5 boys take Sharda from sulabh and go behind stadium and forcing her for sexual relation. When the people know that case, they immediately go there and save Sharda from those boys. In this way a trafficked girl Sharda faced a lots of problem today also. BMSS will do his level best to save her from this types of problems and also talk with the Mahila bal Vikas and Collector Office for her safety.

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