Ratna’s (Changed name) Story-Trafficking

A 21 year old woman named Ratna, lives at Balaji Nagar, Bhilai. Ratna’s family belongs to UP but ….

Ratna is a twenty one (21) year old girl who lives at Balaji Nagar in Bhilai city. Ratna’s family basically belonged to Uttar Pradesh but, from last five years, they were living in in Bhilai. She belongs to a poor family.

About two years back she went to Vishakhapatnam along with a man (an acquaintance) in hope of getting some job. She returned to Bhilai after seven month – she was noticed to have changed, nature-wise and was also little bit nervous, did not like to talk to people. Reason was that Ratna was made to work as a prostitute by er companion in Vishakhapatnam and therefore she may be feeling guilty and scared of her hometown people coming to know of this. Since Ratna’s parents were very poor and aged – they were unable to act against her companion.


Financial condition of Ratna’s family got worse day by day. In such condition, Ratna met a woman named Anita, a commercial sex worker living in her locality itself. Anita also supplied girls to the customers and also in hotels and lodges. Anita told her about a person who needed salesgirls for selling various products. Ratna agreed and with help from Anita, she once again got involved in sex work.
After two month she married a person and went to nearby town of Bilaspur and never came back to Bhilai. It is learnt that she has been trafficked again. Efforts are on to locate and rescue her.


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