Meena’s (Changed name) Story

A 21 year old Meena, resides at Bacheli, Dantewada. She married her lover Rajnesh Shah in 2004 and both of them came to Supela, Bhilai …

A (21) year old Meena, who was basically residing at Bacheli, Dantewada. She will marriage with her lover Rajnesh Shah in the year 2004 and both of them came at Supela, Bhilai and lived in a rental room. Rajnesh works under a contractors in Bhilai Steel Plant at 50/- per day. They will lived happily few months, but after few months disputes started between them and due to these disputes and financial crises, Rajnesh was very much tensed and drinking liquor everyday. In his daily up down to Bhilai Steel Plant, he meet with a CSW, who lives in Balaji Nagar, Bhilai and came in contact with a pimp named Anita Soni. Rajnesh got closer to Anita, since Anita was a pimp and she was clever also. She understand the condition and told Rajnesh to came with his wife and lived in my house itself. I have three empty rooms. Rajnesh agreed with her and came to live at Balaji Nagar with his wife.

Since Rajnesh was a drinker, Anita convincing him to put his wife Meena in sex work to earn more and more money with comfort. Rajnesh again agreed with Anita to push her wife in commercial sex work. Now the condition of Meena was worst and she will afraid too. BMSS put his maximum efforts for her freedom. We also discussed with this case with Mahila Bal Vikas and Collectorate office.

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