Meena’s (Changed name) Story-Trafficking

A 21 year old Meena, resides at Bacheli, Dantewada. She married her lover Rajnesh Shah in 2004 and both of them came to Supela, Bhilai …

21-year-old Meena, from a place called Bacheli in nearby district of Dantewada married her lover Rajnesh Shah in year 2004 and both came to Bhilai town and lived in a rental room. Rajnesh started working under a contractor in Bhilai Steel Plant and getting 50/- per day. They lived happily for a few months, but slowly disputes started between them primarily due to financial reasons.


Rajnesh used to be tense and started drinking liquor everyday. During this state of mind while commuting to place of work, he met a commercial sex worker (CSW) incidentally. This CSW lived in Balaji Nagar locality of Bhilai Town and through her came in contact with a pimp named Anita Soni. Rajnesh got closer to Anita. She understood his conditions and advised Rajnesh to come with his wife and live with her/ residence. Rajnesh agreed and came to live at Balaji Nagar with his wife.


Since Rajnesh was a drinker and needed money regularly, Anita convinced him to allow his wife (Meena) for sex work to earn more money and live comfortably. Rajnesh agreed and pushed his wife into commercial sex work.


Meena got crestfallen and absolutely scared.  Efforts are being made to bail her out from such predicament with support from local office of Mahila Bal Vikas and District Collector’s office.

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