Kiran’s (Changed name) Story-Trafficking

A (22) year old girl Kiran Yadav (Gudia) from Salekasa, Rajnandgoan had fallen l in love with a boy of that village ….

22-year-old Kiran Yadav (nicknamed Gudia), from a place called Salekasa in neighboring Rajnandgoan district, fell in love with a boy from her village and both ran away and came to Bhilai.  But they did not get married. After a few months, she became pregnant. On coming to know about her pregnancy, the boy ran away deserting her.


After some days, a commercial sex worker, named Poonam, came in her contact. On some pretext, she brought her in contact with Anita Soni, a local pimp from the city Bhilai.


Anita deciding to exploit situation Kiran was in, showered sympathy and love and assured all help to Kiran to get rid of pregnancy. After abortion, Anita persuaded her to join sex work, luring her with prospect of earning a lot of money. Finding Kiran hesitant, Anita forcefully put her in sex work.


Kiran today is completely shattered- physically and emotionally- having been impregnated time and again and consequently undergoing repeated abortions. And she gets just 10-20% of money earned through such ordeal –Anita, the pimp, pockets the rest.


The Peer Educators working under JAGRUTI project – A campaign against Human Trafficking, identified this case. The project is being implemented by BMSS, in Bhilai implementing education and health care projects focusing on women including CSWs and victims of trafficking and their children

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