Kiran’s (Changed name) Story

A (22) year old girl Kiran Yadav (Gudia) from Salekasa, Rajnandgoan had fallen l in love with a boy of that village ….

A (22) year old girl Kiran Yadav (Gudia) whose permanent address was Salekasa, Rajnandgoan was fall in love with a boy of that village itself before five years. Both of them ran away and came to Bhilai but they does’nt got married. After few months, she became pregnant, when the boy heard this news, he was worried and leave Gudia there itself and ran away. Now she was in deep trouble. After some days, one of the commercial sex workers named Poonam came in contact. She told her that, one of my friends needed one girl who works at home for domestic purpose and meet her with Anita Soni, who was a pimp residing at Balaji Nagar, Bhilai. Now Anita understand the situation very well and told Kiran that you are like my daughter, Don’t worry, I will take care of you and then she convinced Kiran for her abortion and pressed her for it also. After abortion, Anita told him to join the sex work, a lot of money is in it. now she was totally disturbed, she don’t know what to do or not do. Anita forcefully put her in sex work, and now the condition is that, from last five years, she will pregnant so many times and before twenty day of writing this case, she will make his abortion. Anita send her outside for 750/- to 1000/- rupees per day and Anita give her only 100/- per day.

This case was identified by the Peer Educators of Balaji Nagar, Bhilai working in JAGRUTI project ( A campaign against Human Trafficking), BMSS with the support of Catholic Relief Services, Raipur. BMSS try to know more information regarding to make her free from Anita, who make his life in danger. From the area we know that Anita was using many such types of girl till they are young and after it, she will put him out by applying any type of stolen case

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