Chhaya’s (Changed name) Story-Trafficking

A 14-year-old girl Chhaya from Ekta Nagar, Khursipar labour colony, Bhilai…

She resides at Ekta Nagar, Khursipar labour colony in Bhilai city in Chhattisgarh state. Her mother works as domestic help and father is working as a cook in a hotel. They are financially weak. Her father has habit of drinking. He drinks every night and fights with her mother.

Chhaya has three sisters, one is elder and the rest two are younger than her. Chhaya was in affair with a boy named Rakesh Yadav (22 years) living in the same colony though he originally belonged to a place called Gondia in Uttar Pradesh.

One day both of them decided and ran away from home (on 8th of November 2004) and went to Rakesh’s sister’s house at Birgaon, Bhanpuri in Chhattisgarh and spent one month there happily. After spending one month, Rakesh talked to Chhaya’s mother over phone and sent one of his friends to bring her to their place of stay- Birgaon. The mother saw their conditions and purchased some cooking utensils for them and came back to Bhilai.

After a few months, Rakesh again talked to Chhaya’s mother and told her to find some rented accommodation in Bhilai itself as he wants to shift back to Bhilai due to some problems (sexual harassments of Chhaya) faced by them at Birgaon.  Chhaya’s mother therefore fixed a house on rent and brought both of them back to Bhilai.

Both of them were very happy and spent two months happily. However, one day (18th of September 2005), Rakesh suddenly left for Birgaon (his sister’s place) and did not come for few days. Chhaya and her family got angry with him. At the same time, Chhaya was not keeping well. She tried to contact Rakesh over phone but was told by Rakesh’s sister that “Rakesh doesn’t come here (to her place)”.

After a few days Rakesh came and suddenly started demanding Rupees one lack for buying a new vehicle. Chhaya’s family was already financially weak, so, they could not fulfill his demand leading to disputes among them.

After few days Rakesh again went out and didn’t come again. After waiting for a few days, Chhaya wanted to go to Rakesh’s sister at Birgaon to look for her husband. On 15th of November 2005 she left without telling anybody with her clothes and only 70/- rupees with her.

After studying this case and taking the statements of Rakesh, Chhaya’s parents and her neighbor- it appears that Chhaya has been abducted/ trafficked and taken somewhere else as she has not come back till date. BMSS, the NGO actively working in Bhilai, is working on this case to trace her and facilitate suitable actions for her welfare.

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