BMSS also runs own school named Maha Bali Hanuman Higher Secondary School in Bhilai. We have 20 staffs in school for teaching, who are well experienced with post graduate degree in commerce, arts and maths. BMSS provides higher secondary education for the children at a very cheaper cost and books free upto 8th standard.


It is an awareness campaign against prevention of HIV/AIDS, RTI, STI and STD among truckers, migrant labours and commercial sex workers and the general population of the target area. The target group is at high risk, so their behavior requires change. In this intervention, BMSS provides TOT for peer educators, group meetings with variouis groups.

For potential of solar power in India: Sky is the limit

Growing demand of energy, the fast depletion of conventional energy sources and growing concern over the climatic changes, have increased the focus on alternative sources of energy around the world. India receives almost 300 days of sunshine every year and has a great reservoir for wind energy; therefore India being a developing country holds a …

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