Governing Body

Details of Governing Body Members Sr No Name Name of Father/ Husband Occupation Designa tion in the Associa tion 1 Manorama Singh Nathu Singh Social Worker President 2 SOMA CHOUD HRI AJIT KUMAR CHOUD HRY Social Worker Vice President 3 KRISHN A BHANO T SANJAY BHANO T Social Worker Secretary 4 PRITI SINGH ABHISH EK …

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BMSS also runs a Bal Shramik School, where childrens of slum areas receive free education, books and daily lunch called “Madhya Bhojan” and also receive Rs. 100/- per month from state Government. After completing education, the children either start teaching in the same school or some other Bal Shramik schools in Chhattisgarh and continue their …

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BMSS also started a survey in Forest areas of Chhattisgarh for Medicinal and Acromatic Dye Plant (MADP) with the help of our field researchers and Surveyors for the establishments of the other livelihoods Factories which provides employment and livelihoods for Various unemployed peoples.


BMSS also runs own school named Maha Bali Hanuman Higher Secondary School in Bhilai. We have 20 staffs in school for teaching, who are well experienced with post graduate degree in commerce, arts and maths. BMSS provides higher secondary education for the children at a very cheaper cost and books free upto 8th standard.


It is an awareness campaign against prevention of HIV/AIDS, RTI, STI and STD among truckers, migrant labours and commercial sex workers and the general population of the target area. The target group is at high risk, so their behavior requires change. In this intervention, BMSS provides TOT for peer educators, group meetings with variouis groups.


It is an awareness campaign against Human Trafficking. Under this campaign, BMSS selects slum areas of Bhilai, Raipur, Durg and Rajnandgoan and gives the training to adolescent girls, women labours, commercial sex workers and pimps on legal aid. BMSS also organize the sensitization workshops for Union and Labour Department, Transport Association and Contractors, vulnerable section …

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(Khushi Clinic):It is an awareness Campaign against prevention of HIV/AIDS, RTI, STI and STD. High risk areas like Transport Nagar, ACC factory, Chhawani, BTMS area etc are targeted. A clinic was opened at Transport Nagar, Bhilai named “KHUSHI” clinic where one MBBS doctor, one nurse and one councellor are stationed to provide free service with …

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(CARE India): It is also an Awareness campaign against HIV/AIDS. Under this project BMSS divide our target population into two parts. They are: (1) Youth Group (15 to 24 years); and (2) High Risk Behavoiur Group (Truukers, Migrant Labours and Commercial Sex workers etc).